toilet cleaner
toilet cleaner
toilet cleaner
toilet cleaner
toilet cleaner
toilet cleaner

toilet cleaner

Pine & cedarwood
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Plant-basedNon-toxicVegan & cruelty freeBiodegradable

Our non-toxic Kit & Kin toilet cleaner is the natural answer to corrosive bleach. Cruelty free and kind to our planet, it’s proven to be 3 times as effective as the leading non-eco market competitor, killing bacteria and removing limescale. Essential oils give this 100% naturally derived product a pleasant pine & cedarwood scent, making a less than popular chore a little bit more enjoyable.

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Notes about product PLANT BASED
Notes about product CRUELTY FREE
Notes about product NON-TOXIC
Notes about product GIVING BACK
Notes about product MADE IN THE UK

How it works

Bye bye bleach! Learn how these naturally derived ingredients work together to make Kit & Kin toilet cleaner 3 times as effective as the leading non-eco market competitor.

  • Natural surfactants: lift the dirt from the surface so it doesn’t reapply
  • Xanthan gum: a natural thickener that helps the product cling to the surface.
  • Citric acid: removes hard water stains
  • Vegan Lactic acid: sanitises while dissolving limescale and grime
  • Pine & rosemary essential oils: neutralise smells rather than drowning them out

Notes about product

Best in class eco credentials

Here’s how our plant-based cleaning range ticks all the boxes when it comes to eco credentials. And did you know that every product helps protect acres of precious rainforest forever?

Notes about product

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting your world, naturally

When you choose Kit & Kin, you’re helping to protect our planet.

Our responsibility

Kinder to you

Supporting families with effective products made from the gentlest ingredients, to protect their world, naturally.

Kinder to the planet

Choosing sustainable, plant-
based and non-toxic ingredients, and reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Giving back

Caring for people and planet
with the Kit & Kin Foundation, protecting acres of rainforest
around the world, and supporting communities at home and abroad.

As seen in

Kit & Kin’s sustainable credentials run deep. The makers of eco wipes and nappies (the kind that you would want to use), they have also branched out into clothing made from sustainable cotton. Plus, for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions sold, they will purchase and protect one acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust.
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