What’s new about the Kit & Kin nappy? A note from Chris and Emma.

What’s new about the Kit & Kin nappy

Chris and Emma

When Emma and I first started Kit & Kin, we wanted to create a business that had a positive impact on the world that our children would grow up in. 

Thankfully we found that thousands of parents agreed with our three pillar philosophy: 
better for baby, better for our world and giving back, becoming Kit & Kin customers. 
Together we could make conscious choices in what we do and what we buy. 
Those choices add up to something great. 

When Covid-19 raced through the world, the impact on our business was swift. 
We welcomed a lot of new customers. Loads of them! 
New customers making an eco choice for their baby. 

But in the background we already had plans to make our popular eco nappy perform even better. Performance that would be even more environmentally friendly. 

We wanted a nappy that was more comfortable and absorbent for baby. 
We needed to move to carbon neutral production. 
We needed packaging made from a sustainable material that was also 100% recyclable. 

So despite a pandemic, a lockdown and a disrupted supply chain we proceeded to make the change to the upgraded nappy and packaging. And it was worth doing. We have picked up an extra 10 industry accreditations, making us the most widely accredited eco nappy on the market. 

A delay in the supply chain has unfortunately meant that we have had to go without our famous designs for a short while, but we think the environmental impact is worth it. 

Our improved nappy is more comfortable for your baby and by making the upgrade now we will ultimately save more energy and cause less waste. 

The animals will be back really soon and we are so grateful for our customers’ understanding. Kit & Kin customers love our branding and the environment, and we love them for it. 

What else has Kit & Kin been up to while locked-down? 

  • Working on an initiative started by the Duchess of Cambridge and Kensington Palace, we now donate nappies to baby banks across the country.
  • We have continued to increase the amount of money we are able to donate to the World Land Trust to protect rainforests.
  • We launched our reusable nappy - the most eco on the market made from recovered fishing nets instead of virgin plastic. Oh and won an award for best design on that one too! 

Thanks for your support during this year. We know it’s been so tough on everyone, including all our children. 

We are really grateful that our business continues to grow and in doing so, helps protect rainforests and generally make parenting less impactful on the environment. 

Thanks again for choosing us. 

From both me and Emma, 

Christopher Money 
Co-founder and MD Kit & Kin