What makes Kit & Kin an ethical brand

What makes Kit & Kin an ethical brand

Kit & Kin was built on a foundation of strong ethics that we use as the guiding principles for every decision we make. This applies to our plant-based, European-made products but also to how we make a positive impact on our planet and our people. 

In August 2022, we received our BCorp certification, making us part of a special, exclusive group of the world’s most sustainable and ethical businesses. In 2023, we won ‘Best Ethical Brand’ in the Loved by Parents Awards.

Better for you, better for our planet, giving back

So, let’s talk through how exactly you are making a difference by choosing Kit & Kin products for your family.


  • Our entire plant-based product range is designed to be kinder to you and to the planet. To achieve this, we use gentle, sustainable materials and ingredients as well as recyclable & refillable packaging. Every Kit & Kin product is also cruelty-free.

eco nappies, plant-based reusable nappies, natural skincare

  • The Kit & Kin eco nappy is wrapped in recyclable paper packaging and it's the most accredited eco nappy on the planet. And did you know it’s made in a carbon neutral factory?

  • Our baby wipes and nappy sacks are 100% biodegradable
  • The outer lining of our reusable cloth nappies is made from recycled polyester, each saving 2 plastic bottles from landfill. The absorbent core and our reusable wipes and boosters are 100% plant-based

biodegradable wipes & organic cotton clothing

  • Our plant-based cleaning range is biodegradable, vegan and kind to marine life.
  • Our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton.

  • Our skincare range is certified natural by the Soil Association.
plant-based cleaning range

Planet & People:

  • To protect our precious rainforests for future generations, every Kit & Kin product you buy helps protect acres of rainforest through our collaboration with the World Land Trust. Together, we are supporting their Buy an Acre program, which buys acres of rainforest that are then protected forever,

  • Your subscription single-handedly protects 5 precious rainforest trees, which will live on to create around 1620l of water while protecting 13 tonnes of carbon. Your trees are nurtured by forest rangers, who make a safe living by protecting them. One of these rangers is Victor:

  • You are helping to empower women across the world. We’re passionate about supporting the communities and families surrounding the rainforests too. Many live in remote areas, without access to healthcare and education. Every product we sell helps provide support in these remote areas, to provide antenatal care for pregnant women to reduce infant mortality, and to provide education for young girls to reach their full potential. Meet Erica, one of the young women who has received a scholarship:


Thank you for being on this journey with us! 🥰