Top 5 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Top 5 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Beautifully sustainably wrapped gifts

Beautifully wrapped gifts will never go out of fashion. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ simply doesn’t apply when it comes to gifting. Dressing up our presents creatively and beautifully makes the process of gifting more personal and meaningful. It can make the simplest of gifts the most memorable to our loved ones.

But does wrapping thoughtfully mean using the glossiest, glitteriest, most sequin-loaded wrapping paper? Probably not (microplastics alert!). More and more of us want to ensure we’re as kind to the planet as we are to our loved ones when gifting.

present wrapped in cloth, decorated with cinnamon and branches


Resourceful recycling

Is wrapping paper recyclable?

Only the simplest styles of commercial wrapping paper (non-laminated, free from embellishments) can be recycled. To make matters worse, our customary addition of tape and ribbon immediately renders any paper non-recyclable.

Reuse vs recycle

But isn’t reusing better than recycling? It depends. Absolutely do reuse paper you’ve been given - you might as well prolong its life. Even small scraps can be used to create a collage or layered effect.

We have asked our community, the Kit & Kin Family, how they make their presents shine sustainably. And what a resourceful bunch you are! 

We always make our own wrapping paper by using the pictures my son had painted rather than throwing them away.

presents wrapped in kraft paper layered with torn book pages and paper scraps

Tip 1: Wrapping in kraft paper, newspapers & magazines

Many of you love to use kraft paper (or brown paper). Beautifully simple, it can be embellished with the help of stamps or by hand in black or white. 

We get plain, recyclable, brown paper and decorate it with stamps. My children love to colour the stamps in.

Others suggested using pages of pretty calendars, which we think is such a sentimental way of remembering the year. Same goes for newspaper or magazine pages, which many of you like to use. Make your gifts feel even more sentimental with fantastic drawings the children have done on kraft paper. Perfect for any family member for the personal touch. 

24 advent calendar gifts wrapped in brown paper, decorated with white hand drawings, jute and branches

Tip 2: Decorate gifts with natural materials

There are so many beautiful ways to decorate recycled and recyclable paper with natural, biodegradable materials. Use biodegradable jute twine to attach slices of dried citrus fruit, plants, twigs, holly, berries, pine, cinnamon, foliage - you name it. 

I use a flower or sprig of a herb or lavender.

gifts wrapped in cloth with twigs tied into them as decoration

Tip 3: Gift bags keep on giving

Re-use any gift bags you’ve been given. The beauty of bags is that they can be used again year after year. Avoid writing on the gift tags so your loved ones can re-gift them. If your tag has already been written on, remove it and add a hand-made tag with jute twine (or add a personal note inside). 
We have a family tradition of using the same birthday bag and ribbon for presents. Every time it is someone’s birthday we put the present in this bag and it eventually gets back around to you through the year after multiple birthdays.

Tip 4: Packaging perfection

If you have a shopping lover in your household, it’ll be nearly inevitable to accumulate an array of branded gift boxes, draw-cord bags, hard-wearing carrier bags. These make excellent long-life gift packaging. Even sustainable filling materials can be surprisingly beautiful. We use wood shavings in our skincare gift boxes. Their natural texture lends itself to autumnal and Christmassy creations. Be creative. Add personal touches and/or cover up any branding with creations by your little one or yourself. 

Skincare baby bundle in gift box on wood shavings

Tip 5: Gift wrapping cloths

We wear our clothes countless times and so can your presents - if you use Furoshiki wrapping cloths. These Japanese beauties are becoming more and more common on the high street and online - and we could NOT be more excited! Alternatively, you can buy any kind of sustainable fabric that will last for generations. There are plenty of gorgeous patterns to choose from that can bring your loved ones joy again and again.

I love using fabric, sometimes I print/paint some especially so they can be used as tea towels or muslin cloths.

You can use reusable fabric ribbon or natural twine to tie them up OR you can embrace your Japanese side and tie them up in a knot. Simple, stylish and sustainable.

presents wrapped in furoshiki with decorative natural materials tied into them

Sustainable gift ideas

Now that you’re all set for wrapping your gifts sustainably, let’s find you something sustainable to wrap, shall we? At Kit & Kin, we are known for making the most accredited eco nappy on the planet (and definitely the cutest!), but did you know about our organic babywear and certified natural skincare? If you are preparing for baby’s first Christmas, have a look at this reel for present ideas from our community that will grow with baby or be passed on for generations. Happy wrapping!

Kit & Kin gift box under Christmas tree