Skipping Black Friday This Year? Us Too.

Skipping Black Friday This Year? Us Too.

Skip Black Friday This Year, Choose A Greener Tomorrow Instead

How are you feeling about Black Friday this year? We think our approach in 2020 needs to be different.

After the year we have all had, we need to pause, reflect and focus on what is important.
So this year we decided to avoid Black Friday altogether.
We are turning off our advertising for the whole weekend through to Cyber Monday.
Instead we are using the money saved this way to buy and protect more acres of precious rainforest.
We think that’s a saving that’s really worth it and we hope you do too.

While other brands are pushing out their promotions, we are spending the time from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to talk about what we believe really matters.
A Greener Tomorrow.

We are bringing you stories from our giving back programmes in Guatemala and around the world. Thanks to the donation made from every Kit & Kin product purchased, the programmes are thriving. We are sharing stories from the communities who we work with there, showing the real work that is done through The Kit & Kin Foundation. 

We are exclusively focusing our feed on all things sustainable, from our amazing partners the World Land Trust to our customers who make it all possible. 

A big THANK YOU is due to those customers. Their choice to switch to an eco nappy makes a huge difference to our impact on the planet, especially when you consider the average baby gets through around 6000 nappies in their early years! 

We would love for you to join us and them in choosing a more sustainable Black Friday this year. We of course suggest a great first step is choosing a subscription service for a sustainable nappy! 

Thanks for reading this and we'd love to hear any suggestions you have on how we can make a #GreenerTomorrow together.